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04/10/2018 / Animation and Video
14/05/2018 / Sculpture

Distorted or grotesque faces are a recurrent theme reported by those with Charles Bonnet Syndrome, they can be intrusive, mocking…

22/04/2018 / Animation and Video
30/07/2017 / Sculpture

The sea dragon skeleton I helped construct in Belgium recently has been moved to it’s permanent home outside the museum.…

29/04/2017 / Arts Education
06/01/2017 / Sculpture
01/12/2016 / Sculpture
31/10/2016 / Sculpture

I’ve been commissioned to carve lots of Halloween pumpkins for Wymondham College’s fund-raising ball this weekend and as you can…

10/10/2016 / Sculpture

The “Dancing Devils of Yare” (Diablos Danzantes del Yare) perform in the streets of Venezuela each year as part of…

22/07/2015 / Sculpture