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25/06/2019 / Highlights
07/12/2018 / Puppets
31/10/2018 / Performance

I’ve been out performing with the Tin House Skeleton puppets again for Norwich City Council’s Spooky City Halloween celebrations. Hundreds…

08/07/2018 / Puppets
09/06/2018 / Puppets
03/06/2018 / Puppets
12/04/2018 / Graphics and Design
31/03/2018 / Puppets

Meet Mildred, a puppet commission I created last year for the Bewilderwood adventure park on behalf of Norwich Puppet Theatre.…

06/02/2018 / Puppets

I’m collaborating on a very exciting project with Tin House arts company starting this month. It’s to design and construct…

15/12/2017 / Puppets

Meet Coco and Toto, two puppet characters I’ve recently designed and built for Sheringham Little Theatre‘s production of The Wizard…