Charles Bonnet Gargoyles

Uninvited Guests (2018) resin and acrylic
Commissioned by the NNAB for the ‘Seeing Things’ Exhibition, Forum Gallery, Norwich.

Distorted or grotesque faces are a recurrent theme reported by those with Charles Bonnet Syndrome, they can be intrusive, mocking forms that suddenly appear to visually impaired sufferers at restful times. The Norfolk and Norwich Association for the Blind collected accounts of over 100 different hallucinations experienced by those with the condition. These ranged from simple geometric shapes and patterns to animals, people, text and vehicles. I was particularly drawn to a number of different cases where sufferers had vividly encountered grotesque faces, described as sinister, leering or gargoyle like, often with enlarged or stretched features. Two accounts made particular note of the malevolence and ill intent felt in the expressions.

Cast in solid resin and mounted on high contrast acrylic for accessibility by the visually impaired.

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