Drakina 2.0: Lifesize Dragon Skeleton in Belgium

Sea Dragon Skeleton
De Wereld Van Kina. Ghent, Belgium.
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In 2012 I had the pleasure of being part of a project to build two lifesize dragon skeletons for the children’s natural history museum of Ghent in Belgium, (Die Wereld Van Kina) This year they invited me back to help build a third one, this time a sea serpent, based on a Mosasaur skeleton in the museums collection. The sculpture comprises of over 300 individual bones, stands at 3 meters high and is over 10 meters long. A collaboration with Belgian artist Frank Gryffroy and the students of Secundair Kunstinstituut and Kunsthumaniora Sint-Lucas Gent. A huge thank you to De Wereld Van Kina and STAM – Stadsmuseum Gent for making it all possible. I sincerely hope to replicate this as part of an art project in the UK soon.




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