Elephant Puppets at the Lord Mayors Celebrations

After 6 months of hard work, planning, designing, drawing, prototyping, fabricating, testing, fixing, re-testing, tweaking, tea drinking and last minute touches the Tin House herd of lifesize elephant puppets were released into the city this weekend.

On Friday the elephants paraded through Norwich city centre, inspired by Victorian photographs of real circus elephants, recreating the scene on a beautifully sunny July evening. Accompanied by the Lord Mayor of Norwich, a carnivalesque brass band and a host of costumed characters, ITV news covered the event and a great crowd turned out to enjoy the spectacle.

On Saturday the Lord Mayors procession was a scorcher, with the temperature and the mood of the city on high thanks to the sunny weather and the world cup result. I was out in my grey boiler suit making sure cables were taught, joints were oiled and everything had been put together the right way. A fantastic troupe of performers laboured in the heat to lumber the beasts through the city whilst an absolutely heroic team worked tirelessly to transport, assemble, maintain, disassemble and pack away the giants over a 12 hour day.


A tremendous hearty congratulations and thanks to everyone who worked with such incredible dedication helping this project come to fruition.




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