Fossil Maker

Paleontological Art Projects

Previous Projects:

Norwich Dragon Festival

Fossil making workshops at Norwich Playhouse, to accompany a new exhibition of sculptures entitled 'Dragon Hunter'. Part of the Norwich Dragon Festival.


Girlguiding Norfolk

Delivering fossil making workshops for a Brownie and Guide sleepover event in Norwich Guildhall, on behalf of the education team at Norwich HEART.


Halloween Fossil Making.

Drop in fossil making workshops for the 'Halloween Weirdness and Wondercraft' event at Hedingham Castle and 'Halloweeen Havoc' at the John Peel Centre in Stowmarket.


Folk East Festival 2012.

3 Days of fossils, fun and folk music! Delivering fossil making workshops in the children's activity area.


Belgian Dragons.

Lifesize dragon fossils for the Childrens Natural History Museum of Ghent, Belgium.


A collaboration with Belgian artist Frank Gryffroy.


A week residency working with students from two art schools, constructing giant dragon skeletons in Die Wereld van Kina.


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Wyrm Exhibition.

Cryptozoological fossils and dragon head hunting trophies created for the Norwich Dragon Festival 2011.

Presented in Norwich Playhouse over the duration of the festival, 'Wyrm' was styled as an exhibition of the trophies collected by Colonel Augustus Vyper, a fictional 19th Century explorer and dragon hunter.



Steampunk Fossils.

Biomechanical creatures, strange vehicles and bizarre contraptions made from casts of cogs, springs and assorted mechanical junk.




Examples of Children's Work:

  • Cultureworks East
  • New Eccles Hall School