Giant Puppet build: part 2

The puppet elephant construction has picked up the pace and to accommodate our pachyderm pals we needed a bigger space! After much searching, the Tin House build has relocated from the unit on Ivy road to a temporary new location much more spacious and closer to the city centre.

The team is also growing, having now been joined by a host of creative and practical talent to contribute to the construction as well as the troupes of performers preparing to bring these creations alive.

In the workshop Ali has been carving elephant heads from polystyrene for later use as formers, whilst Tim Nixon and I have begun to assemble the 16 legs from my CAD designs. I’ve got body panels to assemble and configure as well as a couple of ideas on how to tackle the trunk and ears which I’ll be exploring soon.

There’s been lots of aluminium and thermoplastic to form, weight bearing structures to engineer, late nights and long days, but with each step forward in development the finished result is starting to take shape, and it’s looking incredible!

The EDP called by to see how we were getting on, article and video here (until the link expires:)




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