O.M.C 2019 winner

A model robot I created from recycled plastic and electronic rubbish has just won 5th place in an online international model making competition, “The Original Mecha Contest”.

‘Conquistador’ has a biomechanical and retro futuristic style inspired by renaissance armour and the knights and explorers of the Spanish and Portuguese empire, with a touch of Swiss artist H.R Giger thrown in for good measure. Made from found/recycled junk items with additional details sculpted with modelling compounds, it is an entirely ‘scratch built’ model, that is to say it’s not made of parts from commercially available models or figures which seems to be common amongst many of the other entries.

The arms are fully poseable as is the head which is attached in a magnetised ball/socket joint. Inside the head is a colour cycling LED mechanism from a broken Christmas decoration.

For more images, including before and after shots visit the Facebook gallery here: Matt Reeve Artist




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