Patch: A GoGoDragon

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I’d like to introduce the rather handsome “Patch” a GoGoDragon I have designed and painted for the Wild In Art event coming to the streets of Norwich in the summer of 2015. Inspired by handmade crafts and children’s soft toys, Patch has also been selected as 1 of 5 designs that are to be made into a limited edition ceramic available to buy here in 2015.

Sponsored by solicitors AshtonKCJ, Patch will spend next summer on the city’s streets, before being auctioned to raise money for local charity Break.

Taking over 70 hours to paint, (not to mention the time spent sculpting, casting and attaching the fibreglass button eyes!) below is a short film documenting the process and squeezing it down to just over a minute!

Matt Reeve with Patch the GoGoDragon
Matt Reeve with Patch the GoGoDragon. Photo by Mike Harrington

Patchatching: A GoGoDragons time lapse. from Matt Reeve on Vimeo.




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