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01/08/2018 / Arts Education

I’ll be out in the parks this summer running mask making workshops for children as part of Norwich City Councils…

16/07/2018 / Arts Education
08/07/2018 / Puppets
09/06/2018 / Puppets
03/06/2018 / Puppets
15/05/2018 / Animation and Video
14/05/2018 / Sculpture

Distorted or grotesque faces are a recurrent theme reported by those with Charles Bonnet Syndrome, they can be intrusive, mocking…

22/04/2018 / Animation and Video
12/04/2018 / Graphics and Design
31/03/2018 / Puppets

Meet Mildred, a puppet commission I created last year for the Bewilderwood adventure park on behalf of Norwich Puppet Theatre.…