Thank You! I’m a Norfolk Arts Award Winner!

arts award
Picture: Antony Kelly

I’m surprised, humbled and delighted to be able to say I am the winner of the EDP Peoples Choice as an individual artist in the Norfolk Arts Awards.

EDP Article here:

This is only something that has happened because of all the tremendous support in the form of online votes, messages and comments from the public, for which I thank you unequivocally.

Honourable mentions must be given to the other two nominees and finalists Mik Richardson and Alice Lee, for all the hard work they both do.

There are many people in need of thanks, who without their involvement in the last year I wouldn’t be accepting this award:

ERMCIC, Norwich Puppet Theatre, Spring Board East Theatre Co, Break Charity and GoGoDragons, The Forum Trust, Norwich HEART and the Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell. GoGoDragon Sponsors: Ashton KCJ, Dingles Toyota and Marks & Spencer. All the teachers and pupils of the many schools I’ve visited this year and all those who have bought and enjoyed Norwich: City of Dragons.








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